WIA Remembrance Day Contest, 11 & 12 August 2018: Rules

RD Contest Statistics and Photos 2015

Contesting for Beginners (Downloadable PDF)

N1MM LOGGER - User Defined Contests

For those who like N1MM as a logger program, I have written User Defined Contest loggers for:

  1. VK Trans Tasman Low Band Challenge | New rule structure for 2015 | MUST read PDF first.
  2. John Moyle Field Day - A must for the HF only Multi-multi portable contesters as it keeps the
    logs in order in a networked environment. Also good for the HF Single Op Portable. New update 11/3/2015
  3. VK QRP Hours contest - There was no logger to cater for this contest, but now there is!
  4. Harry Angel Memorial Sprint Contest.
  5. Remembrance Day Contest. Please Read PDF First!!.

User difficulty = Read attached PDF's where applicable.

N1MM is fairly complex, and if you have never used it before then RTFM. (Read Quick start guide).
One must set N1MM up correctly and have the latest version of N1MM Plus for the UDC's to work correctly.
Do not modify the files in anyway, including their file name.

Download UDC

Please read the included PDF's for installation
Remembrance Day Contest - HF Only
VK Trans Tasman
QRP Hours
HA Sprint
JMFD - HF Only

Download Loggers

Win Test

Example Cabrillo File Format and ADIF Specification

Cabrillo V3 Specification
ADIF Specification